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A Right to Millions

How 4.75 million euros was snatched from Arrold's hands

By @peter_plasman

Is it correct that the rules have been tampered with?

In the rules to which Arrold agreed, the red button is not mentioned; there is nothing about ending the game.
Since then Endemol has acknowledged that a sentence was added to the rules after the episode was taped; in the sentence it says that the finalist has to press the red button if he accepts the bank's offer and that then the game ends.
After the broadcast, viewers who asked Miljoenenjacht questions about the way the events of the episode played out were told that the rules state that pressing the red button brings an end to the game. These people who asked questions were referred to the changed rules via a link.

How did Arrold and I come into contact?

I watched Miljoenenjacht and immediately thought, "That's not right." I called Arrold on the Monday after the broadcast, after I'd discovered that things were different to what was being said. I then advised Arrold to seek legal advice. Arrold considered it for a few days. During that time, the Postcode Lottery called Arrold several times and strongly advised him not to speak to a lawyer because "that would be bad for his reputation." Partly for this reason, Arrold sought legal advice and then the case got going.

How will I be paid?

I will only charge for my work in the event that Arrold receives a payment.

Why is Arrold entitled to €5 million?

Because the rules of the game state that the contents of the selected briefcase (number 17) belong to Arrold unless he accepts an offer from the bank. Arrold never accepted an offer from the bank, so the contents of the briefcase still belong to him.

Why isn't Arrold happy with €125,000?

Arrold is very happy with the prize he won, but he also believes it is important that the game is played according to the rules and that is not what happened.

Would Arrold still have done this if there had been 50 Euro cents in his briefcase?

In that case, the actual situation would have been different and I do not want to speculate further.

Is the winner at home also entitled to a higher amount if Arrold is found to be correct?

Yes, the winner at home is entitled to the same amount Arrold gets.

Why have you set up a website?

Because a lot is being said about this case and I think it's very important that everyone can read it for themselves.